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Material RemainsMaterial Remains are from Macallen, Texas and have released a five track Demo EP that arrived here at Punk Online Towers with little fanfare. Opening with Junkie’s Paradise I am reminded of Bristol’s Idles as the trio bash out a raw and pleasing punk rocker. The screamed vocal is a perfect fit for pounding drums and bass whilst the guitar is slightly off-kilter and menacing.

Broad Church takes the whole EP up a notch or two in terms of speed and power and I loved it – 97 seconds of real punk rock! On Dropout, the band adopt a chunky set of power chords with a Rudimentary Peni run or two that just had my headbanging away!

The penultimate track, Hate combines a raw and driving riff with a garage punk sound. Screamed vocals in the style of Johnny Rotten add to the package and, the band launches into a tempo change about a third of the way through to really rock it before returning to the original riff – real good stuff!

Closing with Amerikkka, Material Remains bring this superb EP home with hammering drums and a lyric that we can all support “I don’t want you and we don’t need you, the KKK…I fucking hate you” – well said, well played and welcome to a great new band!

Check out Demo EP by Material Remains here: