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MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS – ‘As The Tide Turns’ Review


Matilda's ScoundrelsMatilda’s Scoundrels from Hastings in the south of England will release their debut album, As The Tide Turns on September 8th. The 6-piece folk/punk band have been building a solid reputation up and down the country over the past year and supporting the likes of The Levellers, Ferocious Dog, The Mahones, The Rumjacks and The Goddamn Gallows.

Opening with the acoustic guitar chords of Burn It Down, the track develops into a full-on Celtic romp with gravely vocals, accordions and mandolins blending with the guitar and fast paced drums. Take It To The Streets is full of melody, changes of pace and some super musicianship that had me carousing around the office. Clocking in over four minutes the track has time to breath and lure you in…good stuff indeed!

On Shackles & Bones the band open with a full frontal set of power chords with the vocals and instruments producing a Dropkick Murphys vibe. Matilda’s Scoundrels build up to a rollicking rocker on Bow To The Powers with dual vocals helping to punk things up a bit with a full on terrace-chant chorus. On Mr Martyn, the mandolin(s) are prominent on a lengthy introduction that is interrupted with a pulsing bass drum and military snare before all hell is let loose with some meaty chords and melodic group vocals and the following track, Bottles Of Rum, keeps up the power with a romping sea shanty!

Friends Of Mine introduces the whistle to drive a foot stomping, arm twirling feel good folk/punk effort that I thoroughly enjoyed. The shortest song on the album is the two-minute fast paced and potent War On Drugs where a soft mandolin middle is sandwiched between two huge slices of raw punk rock!

The band are not afraid to party but also cover serious issues such as their experiences in the Calais Jungle through to protest songs inspired by people marching against all manner of issues to the massive injustices being experienced the world over by privatized penal systems and so much more. The penultimate track of the ten on this excellent debut is God Forsaken Sea where a full on English Folk song is given the punk rock treatment it deserves!

The closing track is the six-minute plus, Into The Fire, that is epic in scope with an ascending build up of instruments creating some anticipation that is fulfilled as soon as the electric guitar kicks in to back some excellent storytelling. The track outros as it came in to bring this album to a truly satisfying conclusion.

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