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Matilda's ScoundrelsMatilda’s Scoundrels hail from the south coast of England, a heady brew of folk driven aggro punk,

They have been taking there sound to audiences across the country and to mainland Europe in the last couple of years. A mix of traditional folk instruments and classic punk back line, blend with storytelling lyrics, current affairs/important issues along with catchy choruses to make you drink, sing and dance.

Known for their DIY attitude they have supported bands like the Levellers, Ferocious Dog and Street Dogs. Coming from do it yourself roots, they have had a string of releases and have just put out there debut album ‘As The Tide Turns’ on TNS Records. It’s no surprise that the momentum they have built is carrying them to bigger and better things. Playing festivals such as Boomtown, Rebellion, Beautiful Days and Mighty Sounds, they have built a reputation of rowdy shows with an air of fun and crowd participation.


European Tour


Matilda’s Scoundrels are heading out on a European tour after the success last year the demand was there for them to come back. This time they teamed up with The Bridge Band Support and TNS Records to put a tour together, to promote Matilda’s Scoundrels debut album ‘as the tide turns’

Matilda’s Scoundrels would like to welcome everyone to their nearest show.

Dates as follows

30 March – Rockcafe Lazarus, Leiden (NL)

31 March – Frapé, Aalen (DE)

01 April – Cross Club, Prague (CZ)

02 April – Stö, Leipzig (DE)

04 April – L86, Finsterwalde (DE)

05 April – TBC

06 April – Steinis Pub, Schwerin (DE)

07 April – Sauerkrautfabrik, Hamburg (DE)


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