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Matilda's ScoundrelsAll aboard me hearties!!!

This is the latest split offering from Hastings folky gang Matilda’s Scoundrels and South Coast familiars The Barracks, and a right tasty treat it is too.

If the Scoundrels are the fish, then the Barracks offer up the battering!

This release sees three original tracks from each band with a cover of each other’s making up the remaining two tracks.

Matilda’s Scoundrels put me in mind of Whiskey Priests/Men they Couldn’t Hang sound wise, very folk punky, plenty of mandolin and accordion.

Their three own tracks start off with ‘Sow the Seeds’ which has a nice gentle melodic intro before launching into a fine up tempo ditty with the catchy chorus of “The Bastards have not beat us yet we’ll fight them to the end, till you are free from the land of misery”.

Excellent dual vocals in a style reminiscent of The Blaggers works well back n forth and the recording is nice and crisp as well.

‘Sinking in their Sins’ and ‘Poison Lands’ make up their side along with a cover of The Barracks tune ‘69 Regrets’ which gets the Scoundrel’s stamp put on it with very prominent accordion and mandolin arrangement although retains a good punk edge similar to the original from the “Out With The Old” LP.

If you like having a good old jig then this is definitely recommended.

The other four tracks from the Barracks are made up of ‘Broken Hearts and Broken Bones’, ‘Drinking Song’ and ‘Fuck You’ as their own compositions rounding off with a cover of the Scoundrel’s track ‘Our Wake’ which was on their “Beasts in Disguise” EP.

The Barracks play good old no nonsense PUNK ROCK, there is a noticeable influence of the likes of the Dropkick Murphy’s/The Business in their sound and lyrical content but they are good solid infectious songs that pretty much are self-explanatory from their titles, so if rude words offend you then you probably shouldn’t sing along to ‘Fuck You’.

You can certainly imagine that their gigs are fairly raucous and by all accounts they are fond of a drink or two as well and the music fits that perfectly.

I will make sure I try and catch them at some point to see if they transfer the energy well live.

The closing song is a good cover of the Scoundel’s ‘Our Wake’ that they do a sterling job on considering the considerable difference in the instrumentation compared to the original.

Overall a nice mixture of styles from 2 neighbouring South Coast bands and well worth picking up, especially if you can get some chips with it!

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Chris – Punk Online