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MATT HALL – ‘Slave Task’ Review

MATT HALL – Slave Task

Matt HallMatt Hall is a singer songwriter who released his first solo EP on January 4th. Hall has been playing in punk bands for around fifteen years wanted to put together some songs that made him feel the same spark when he first discovered hardcore punk. The EP was recorded in a marathon 12-hour session with Burlington, VT area engineer Clayton Isham.

The seven-track EP opens with Durango 2070, a raw eighty-three seconds of aggressive chord work and screamed lyrics that reminded me a little of early Dead Kennedys and Fear (the latter being a stated influence) On Obvious Trap, Matt Hall takes things up a notch or two with some aggressive vocals and tight knit chord work and an off kilter solo…it’s packed with energy and DIY malice.

With Knife School, the pace is manic, and the keyboards add a weird atmosphere as the lyrics hit head one in a Jello Biafra fashion whereas Future Song builds with some serrated guitars, cymbal driven beat before exploding with an aggressive vocal, garage rock keyboard and reminded me of what the B-52s would sound like if recorded by Black Flag!

The longest track on the EP, Normal & Healthy uses the four minutes to produce a slower, anguished approach with screamed vocals, slow building guitar chords that develop into a horror-punk atmosphere with elements of San Francisco’s Flipper in the mix. The cover of Fear’s I Love Livin’ In The City is the penultimate track and rocks along with an insistent beat, growled vocals and no shortage of raw power with a dose of singalong melody on the chorus!

This EP closes with Your (Stolen) Future Is Now and Hall sees us out with hardcore aplomb as the track rocks along with intent, urgency and aggressive power.

This is fresh, DIY punk with that energy that just dazzles!

Slave Task by Matt Hall is available for download/purchase at



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