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MATT RATT – ‘Old Songs’ EP Review

MATT RATT – Old Songs

matt-rattFrom deepest, darkest Stockton, California comes the acoustic punk of Matt Ratt. His recently released EP, Old Songs opens with Change where the acoustic guitar supports a well delivered lyric with melody and no lack of latent power – you can imaging the track with full band treatment and it’s a good one!

Cheap Beer And Wine opens with a softly strummed guitar and builds into a ballad lamenting a broken relationship full of irony, sadness and depression. Matt Ratt crafts pop-punk songs stripped down to voice and guitar that are easy on the ear!

He goes for a faster tempo and NoFX type sound on Dead Man Park whereas Man maintains the past with a more wistful vocal.

The longer storytelling effort on So Long is a personal story (Ratt does these well) with a rabble-rousing chorus but the six and three-quarter minute Memory is the stand-out track on the eight song EP. It is full of self-remorse and apologies to those close to him and it works really well as an acoustic ballad.

1000 Miles punches things up with a faster riff and it leads to the closer Stockton Belongs To Me – a riff on the Cock Sparrer anthem with some clever lyric swaps! Matt Ratt is a welcome addition to the singer/songwriter/acoustic punk family  – Have a listen to Old Songs here: https://mattratt.bandcamp.com/releases