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MELISANDRE’S BEAVER – If Only We Were Serious

MELISANDRE’S BEAVER – If Only We Were Serious

Melisandre's BeaverFormed in early 2016, Melisandre’s Beaver are a three-piece punk band from Kent, England. Named after a lengthy ‘you had to be there at the time’ joke from their mate Tom, Melisandre’s Beaver are three friends who say that they “decided that their friendships were so good, they needed to start a band to calm things down.”

Their full length, thierteen-track album was released on July 31stand it’s a cracker. The opening track, FTS (Shorthand for “Fuck The System”) is a punk rock extravaganza with a roiling and rocking riff, excellent vocals supplemented by some great backing voices and an overall package of raw power…wow! Channeling the likes of Therapy, the Idles and the Angelic Upstarts, the band launch into the 101 seconds of Data! with raunchy riffs and fun lyrics, the track just powers along and is followed with Charging Up! On this one, the drums pummel, the bass booms, the guitars chunk out the riffs and the vocals are grittier creating a headbanging rocker with a soaring chorus and some terrific guitar work throughout.

Maybe It’s Me? is a mid-paced creeper of a pop-punk song with some great ironic lyrics, super bass work and some powerful choruses whereas Rest In Pizza adds some Motorhead style rock and roll backing to the fun, melodious and harmonious vocals. On Crime Scene, Melisandre’s Beaver pound out a solid, chunky punk ditty with hints of the UK Subs and on Stop This I was reminded of the Damned through the vocals as the musical backing features an excellent riff and the sound is rawer, more aggressive! The booming bass that drives the melodic power ballad, Another Way accentuates the head banging beat and things are turned up a notch or two on the rocking and rolling, Truth Be Told.

 Out In The Sun continues to deliver powerful hooks to the gut whilst Weathered Spoons (and Pointless Forks) is a raucous rocker with a great title and some fun lyrics focused on some, ahem, “romance” – I won’t spoil the fun as you’ll enjoy this one with its Sham 69 That’s Life vibe!

The penultimate song, Ainsley is full of double entendre set to a jazzy background whilst the closer, title track, If Only We Were Serious sets the scene with some pulsating drums, prominent bass, lyrics reminiscent of the Stiff Little Fingers classic Wait And See and music that isn’t far away from the Belfast legends – great ending to a very good album.


Get If Only We Were Serious by Melisandre’s Beaver here: https://melisandresbeaver.bandcamp.com/album/if-only-we-were-serious