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MELTING COFFIN – ‘Melting Coffin’ EP Review

MELTING COFFIN – Melting Coffin

Melting CoffinNew Orleans/Baton Rouge-based Rock N’ Roll band Melting Coffin released their debut Self-titled EP on March 23rd. The five-track EP has a raw Garage Rock N’ Roll sound with hints of Psych, Punk, and Classic Rock.

The opener, I Am is driven along with a booming bass and strong beat with the guitars adding to the rhythm as the vocals mine a horror-punk seam. There is a little blues, a little punk and lot of rock and roll in the band and the raucous The Preacher showcases all three in a garage band package.

On Satisfaction Guaranteed, Melting Coffin deliver almost five minutes of infectious raw rock and roll. The bass is prominent and the guitars up front with licks and hooks held together by some tight drumming. The song builds and builds and delivers some tempo changes and vocals dripping with irony but it is the music that reels you in.

With Iggy and The Stooges as well as the 13th Floor Elevators clear influences, Gimme Madness is full of psychedelic guitars, chunky chords and a head-banging rhythm. The EP concludes with the title track, Melting Coffin and the band conjure up an aural assault with Black Sabbath undertones of slow, powerful rock before they launch into a rhythmic track that had the entire office head-banging and punching the air.


Great fun, great music and a great add to your collection here:-

Melting Coffin Bandcamp Page:




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