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METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT – ‘Descend Towards The Earth’

METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT – Descend Towards The Earth

Meteors the Entire NightMeteors the Entire Night (MtEN) are a Coventry, UK based five-piece formed in 2016 who released their debut demo EP, Descend Towards The Earth, a few weeks ago and can be listened to and downloaded (for free!) at the link below.

The softly strummed guitar introduction of Ringpulls and Certopsians flatters to deceive as the track slowly builds and then hits you with a two-by-four across the head with screamed vocals and powerful riffs. The second of the five tracks on the EP, Long Days And Pleasant Nights gets into things much quicker with the signature screamed vocals (at least two vocalists I think) mixing with some spiraling licks and complex drum patterns.

What’s Best In Life clocks in over four minutes in length with some guitar solos underpinning a slower song with the screaming vocals layered on top. The track is epic in scope and works really well. On Hugh Manatee, the band add some synths and ambient drum sounds to provide a 68 second melodious instrumental break that sets up the last track, Existence Is Futile where they return to the angst ridden screamed vocals over intricate rhythm changes all held together with persistent drums.

Meteors the Entire Night have released an intriguing, powerful debut well worth your time if you like you hardcore delivered with screamed vocals and constant changes in approach…good stuff!

Check out Descend Towards The Earth by Meteors the Entire Night here:




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