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He’s a Pre-Teen Guitarist for Sugar Rush Rocks

By Kathy DiTondo

(Exclusive to punkonline.co.uk)

In the year 2036 when we’re all sitting around debating as to whom the best rock guitarist is, Michael Sebastian’s name will undoubtedly be thrown in the mix.

There’s little this 12-year-old guitar whiz cannot already handle quite competently including covering tunes that range from Nirvana to the Beatles, from Led Zeppelin to Guns-N-Roses, from the Foo Fighters to Heart.

“I first started playing guitar when I was seven,” Michael explains.  Along with his mates in Sugar Rush Rocks – a band he co-founded at the tender age of 8, Michael’s mastery at his instrument captivates his growing fan base who range in age from pre-teens through their 50s and beyond.



When he’s not studying for a math exam or playing drums in his school’s band or whizzing about on his BMX bicycle around his New Jersey hometown, you’ll probably find Michael practicing guitar or playing a live gig.


A consummate perfectionist, Michael admits “I get a little nervous on stage” during live performances.  This is because this young guitar hero takes nothing for granted.

Michael is extremely serious about his work and endeavors to do a good job always and always on his own terms.

By way of example, one time he was encouraged to “move about more” while on stage in a contrived show-offy type manner.

Michael – a consummate professional who exhibits a highly focused and mature stage presence – quickly rejected that notion.




During performances “I’ll look over at R.J. (R.J. Hill – the band’s talented self-taught 13 year old drummer) and he’ll know…” explains Michael.

Michael and R.J. appear to have that telekinetic thing going on that frequently manifests in bands where words are unnecessary:  A look, a motion, a vibe, a feel is all that’s necessary to communicate what the two wish to musically achieve.

Additionally, Michael and R.J. have recently collaborated on the music for their first original tune – yet unnamed. They hope to write more original music in the months to come.

When asked for the names of his favorite guitarists, Michael quickly responds “Slash, Tom Keifer, Kurt Cobain” amongst others.

Now how on earth does Michael who was born a decade after Cobain died even know who Kurt Cobain was– not to mention his band Nirvana along with the other bands that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s whose music Michael enjoys and covers on guitar?




“My parents (Mike and Crystal) used to play their CDs for me when I was little.  I grew up listening to their music,” says Michael.

Then he adds with a smile “I was named Michael Sebastian after Sebastian Bach”  (who achieved mainstream success in the 1980s-1990s as the front man for the band “Skid Row.”)


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