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MIDWICH CUCKOOS – ‘We Are Everywhere’ Album Review

MIDWICH CUCKOOS – We Are Everywhere

Midwich CuckoosInternational punk collective Midwich Cuckoos are pleased to announce their debut album We Are Everywhere which will be released 23rdFebruary 2018 via Onslaught Music. Patch Barbet (ex-Monsters In The Attic) had an intriguing idea. What would happen if he sent his work-in-progress tracks to various musician friends, who then wrote and recorded their own parts before sending them back? No need for band commitments, rehearsals or travelling the globe; the songs would remain punk rock in essence, but the outcome was unpredictable and exciting.

Leaving the creative process open for people to put their own stamp on his songs, this low-pressure approach drew collaborations from as far afield as Italy, Brazil and beyond. From the opening guitar work on Adios Mein Frere, it is clear that we are in for a treat. The song patiently develops for over a minute before a single drum beat signals an almighty racket. The joint vocals add to the incredible power and pace producing an absolute punk rock classic – the drumming itself is awe inspiring but when joined by those scorched throat vocals and massive power chords, it just rocks!  Think Motorhead meeting Discharge and Vice Squad and you’re somewhere in the vicinity of Midwich Cuckoos!

Next up on this nine-track album is Blue Fingernails and the pace is maintained as the band get straight into it. With some tight interactions between the instruments, quick licks and huge backing vocals, the track is a punch to the solar plexus. Russian Doll manages to showcase the bands signature sound in the introduction – great drums, powerful female vocals, meaty guitars and pounding bass all have a say as the track rolls down the tracks with no brakes!

At the half way point, Call The Nurse, blends some Bad Religion/Offspring guitar with a great drum/bass foundation and a soaring chorus. Midwich Cuckoos manage to blend metal and punk with the latter sound being dominant.  On Oh Rats the band simply pile on with the momentum carrying the listener into a terrace chant chorus that is towering in strength and the music just pounds you into submission.

The penultimate track, Diamonds, clocks in at over three and a half minutes and, for the first time, there is a respite as mellow guitars introduce the song but, it is a brief rest as the band pile into a chunky rocker with great male/female vocal interaction.

Got, Got Need and the solo guitar intro is satisfying enough but they don’t rest on their laurels as they power into a Motorhead on speed raucous punker. It’s great stuff throughout and will potentially blow out the windows and certainly blow away the cobwebs!! The 88 seconds of Crown just careen down the highway at 150mph and the closer, Dirty Love, is a super melodic fast paced song that left me smiling and breathless…J

Grab your copy of We Are Everywhere by Midwich Cuckoos here: https://onslaughtmusic.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-everywhere