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MILKMEN – ‘Milkmen’ Album Review

MILKMEN – Milkmen

MilkmenMilkmen is a post indie rock pop jazz experimental punk trio from New Brunswick, NJ. After releasing a few singles, Milkmen self-released their debut self-titled album, recorded at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA with producer Kory Gable, on December 25, 2015. Know Hope Records have reissued a remixed/remastered version of Milkmen’s self-titled debut album and it is available now.

Opening with Ramus, the band manage to blend a bit of John Squire/Stone Roses guitar work with a skate punk and post-hardcore sound…believe it or not, it truly works as the energy leaps out of the speakers and grabs you by the throat. Next up is Johnny Dangerously with elements of the Teardrop Explodes with a funky guitar riff, soaring vocals and complex beats whilst I Think I Know maintains the rhythmic punch but adds some melodic vocals and interesting changes of pace throughout.

On Papa Gable these indie-rockers continue to showcase their adaptability with some jazz like beats whilst K.O.T.H. adds some keyboard effects to some funky guitar licks and wide-ranging drum beats connecting to produce a danceable track with sharp edges. The Milkmen are deep into indie territory on Circles Are Square with the best comparison I can suggest being Sonic Youth in both song construction and sound.

With Grahamcracker the band slow things down a tad but compile a range of sounds from some ballad like sections to big guitar segments and emotional screamed vocals whistFruit Leather just abandons all pretence and goes full on jazz/lounge music guitar instrumental!!!

The melodic guitar, vocal and pumping beat of Brown Pants create a sound more in the realm of the Wombats/Catfish & The Bottlemen and the penultimate song, Indian Red takes another twist and turn with a searing riff and pummelling beat all combining with an urgent vocal and creating a Dinosaur Jr. atmosphere.

The album concludes with Foreverday and this one powers along with some excellent vocal/guitar interplay and substantial melodies all driven along by the excellent rhythm section – these folks are clever song writers; great musicians and they have a unique sound that really works.


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