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MISHAPPENINGS – ‘Cold Fire Hostess’ EP Review

MISHAPPENINGS – Cold Fire Hostess

MishappeningsUK punkers Mishappenings have just released their five-track EP, Cold Fire Hostess on June 25th.

The opening track, Demilitarized is a raw UK82 style punk rocker attacking the returning squaddies with Oi! style lead vocals and a group vocal backing that brings Cock Sparrer to mind. There is a humour to the band with the lyrics but also the introduction of keyboards and the raucous riff that drives I’ve Done It All…Not! creates a fast-paced punk rocker that simply blows away the cobwebs and then some…good stuff!

On Redemption the monster riffs and driving beats are evident as is a dissonant synthesizer and the kitchen sink drama lyrics are delivered with precision attacking domestic violence in a way that will have you rooting for the abused wife. The penultimate song, Demilitarized – The Full Blown Training Version clocks in at just a tad under six-minutes and is a mix version of the opening track with Test Dept rhythms, vocal effects and variations of the original that add an even rawer feel.

Closing with I’ve Done It All…Raving the Mishappenings produce a techno version of the earlier track that somehow combines the Sleaford Mods with the Human League J


Loved this one – take a listen to Cold Fire Hostess by Mishappenings here:-



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