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MOB MENTALITY – ‘No Honor, No Guts, No Glory’ EP Review

MOB MENTALITY – No Honor, No Guts, No Glory

mob-mentalityOi! Street Punk band Mob Mentality from Pennsylvania, USA have just released a four track E.P. – No Honor, No Guts, No Glory. It’s a free download and they are currently looking for a label – any help greatly appreciated by the band.

The opening track, Can’t Win Em All channels Cock Sparrer in melody and the band deliver a punch with some growled vocals and melodic yet powerful music with a message that is all about how your friends can help you through the bad times.

Another Loss continues with the guitar lick lead with a pacey backing as the lyrics mourn the loss of a friend in a song that is bound to be a ‘fists in the air’, rabble rousing favourite down in the pit!

The third track, Hardcore Hooligans, a chunky riff is joined by the terrace chant of “We’re the punks, we’re the skins and hardcore hooligans” and then launches into a full on punk rock track urging the listener to keep on fighting despite the odds. It’s a boot-boy anthem that rocks along.

The 4th and final track, No Honor, No Guts, No Glory dials the whole package up a notch. With a pounding rhythm, working class revenge lyrics and a full throated vocal delivery and football chant chorus, it’s an angry fight back song gaining power from a certain restraint and a soaring guitar solo!

Check out Mob Mentality and the EP here: https://mobmentalityoi.bandcamp.com/releases

Track Listing

  1. Can’t Win ‘Em All
  2. Another Loss
  3. Hardcore Hooligans
  4. No Honor, No Guts, No Glory