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MoCARA – ‘Twist My Mind’ Review

Mocara Twist My MindAfter we reviewed MoCara’s six track EP called ‘Identifyah’ several months ago, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy of their debut album ‘Twist My Mind’. Step up Stumpy of Punk Online to give his opinion…

Our Review…

One of the interesting developments in the history of punk is how a number of bands hail from the “suburbs” and this phenomenon is captured in the book Kids of the Black Hole by Dewar Macleod on the Southern California punk bands of the 1980s.

MoCara are a four-piece band from Leatherhead in Surrey – a suburb of London smack in the middle of the stockbroker belt. They fit squarely into the punk/ska/reggae crossover camp with some similarities to Rancid and Operation Ivy but they add their own twist and the album ‘Twist my Mind’ is a very assured debut. Funded by fans through the excellent Pledge site, no-one will be disappointed with the outcome.

Opening with the powerful Beg, Steal and Borrow which builds to a rocking crescendo after a reggae infused start, it’s clear that MoCara are an accomplished four piece. The title track of the album comes next and is an upbeat ska track with a great singalong chorus.

The reggae rhythm continues through the next few songs with Not a Bottle probably being the first song I’ve heard about pickles and alcohol!!

The pace slows down for Money showcasing the vocals of Mr. Bantum and some horn. If I have one criticism of the ska/punk genre overall, it can get a bit “sameish” with one track bleeding into the other. However, this is a very good set of songs with some real standouts and well worth a download. It really grows on you after a few listens and the album ends on a real high with four strong efforts. If ska/punk is your thing then you certainly won’t be disappointed with ‘Twist my Mind’.

Read and Believe starts with some great guitar work (which continues throughout the song) and really rocks – for me, one of the best tracks of the set as it swings from slow verse to fast and loud chorus…good stuff that brought back some memories of Stiff Little Fingers and their version of Johnny Was.

After cooling down for the dub and horn section infused Islands, MoCara end with ‘Everyone’s a Critic’ – Indeed!

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Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Beg Steal and Borrow
  2. Twist my Mind
  3. Face Up
  4. Not a Bottle
  5. Blow your Whistle
  6. Money
  7. Make me Move
  8. Read and Believe
  9. Take Your Time
  10. Islands
  11. Everyone’s a Critic



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