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MONICA AND THE EXPLOSION – ‘Less Frenetic’ Album Review


monica-and-the-explosionThe new acoustic album by Monica and the Explosion, albeit Monica Welander, is a real treat that demands your attention throughout and isn’t content as some background music at a dinner party like some solo projects.

Less Frenetic kicks off with 9 in the Evening and Monica’s vocals have an immediate grip on you. The acoustic setting fits her voice perfectly, not amiss to Amy McDonald but in a punkier way, somehow a bit more gravely if that makes sense?

This is Monica and the Explosion’s fourth studio album to date and Monica has made herself known as an energetic punk rock ‘n’ roll artist and Less Frenetic shows a different side to her work. This is more laid back, no backing band, yet it still packs a punch.

Restless is a great upbeat number describing Monica’s love of moving around before Life and Pretty Ordinary talk of everyday stuff, work, guys, should I, shouldn’t I? The guitar work is excellent and I can imagine the live performances would really drill this home. Edit: Having watched a few video’s of the band live, I wasn’t wrong!

All songs on the album were written between 2013-16 and have previously been unreleased. Since Monica and the Explosion’s debut self-titled album in 2007 she has been touring around the world, mostly performing solo but also with a backing band (also been working with Paul Slack, JP Morer and Rob Baylis among others).

Most Boring Town describes many towns across the UK (maybe the same in Monica’s native Sweden) how everything is closed down, nothing to do and nowhere to go… “And I’m so fed up, I’m about to give up, this town is not my place, IT’S CRAP!”

The eight track album concludes with Conversation, another foot tapping song with thoughtful lyrics which again showcases the song writing talent as well as the execution.

Less Frenetic is exactly what it says, but although an acoustic album, it doesn’t lack the explosion. Get all the details here>>>


Track Listing

  1. 9 in the Evening
  2. Scottie
  3. Restless
  4. Life
  5. Pretty Ordinary
  6. Take a Walk in the Sand
  7. Most Boring Town
  8. Conversation


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