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MOON WORSHIP – ‘Blood On Blonde’ Album Review

MOON WORSHIP – Blood On Blonde

moon-worshipRecommended for fans of The Cramps, The Birthday Party and the Swans, Moon Worship released their debut album in June on Raining Records. From the opening dirty chords and clicking fingers, it’s clear that we are in for a treat and the band channel the Birthday Party full on with Honeymoon In Vegas, as they mash Elvis impersonations with clanging drums and bass – it is different for sure!

The title track, Blood On Blonde melds some strange mixture of vocals, quick bass licks, intermittent keyboard before rocking into a keyboard riff all combining to create a horror movie ambience. The six-minute plus Anti-Human Blues is introduced by an industrial clanging before the Lux Interior style vocals kick in.  There are sections of ambient noise, feedback but the track is relentlessly disciplined! On 3AM the atmosphere continues as various sounds, a deep voiced vocal and intermittent drum conjure up a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Moon Worship certainly live up to their influences with She Got Up And Walked Away reminiscent of Nick Cave/Birthday Party and Slow Rolling Coffee continuing in the same vein with slow, fuzzed out guitar and slow drums. On Executive Hanging, the pace is upped slightly to produce a weirdly sludge-punk feel whereas, Parasite Blues brings a riff driven song that sounds like The Cramps played at half-speed!

The nine track album concludes with the lengthy, Judgement Day, and the band conjure up some early Black Sabbath and then add some female vocals to the Iron Man style riff to settle once and for all into the horror/sludge/experimental groove prominent throughout the album and reminding me somewhat of Crass and the Penis Envy album in sound.

Moon Worship are not like anything you have heard before despite the references to other bands in the review but, if you like the Birthday Party, I think you’ll love these folks. Check out the album here:



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