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MOON WORSHIP – ‘Book the Pops’ Review

moon-worshipFrom the city of Troy in the Capital District of New York, Moon Worship play a noisy, distressed kind of rock played through a dreary ambience.

Their debut EP, ‘Book The Pops’, is experimental and earnest, and across the thirty seamless minutes builds a unwavering atmosphere of impending doom.

Opener ‘Rat City’ sets the tone, gruff vocals overlaying that brand of droning, almost demonic drum-guitar combo that Kyuss played in their darker moments. Eerie keyboard entwines lyrics of a dirty, filthy place, circling the refrain “bad place to call your home”.

The much lighter gang vocals for the chorus provides a neat shift in pace and the band’s deviations only continue from there –  a nice electronic sound that could easily welcome an 80s sci-fi character is rudely interrupted by loud industrial drumming as the four-piece crash into the noise and reverb of ‘Temple of Greed’.

After the noise dispels, Moon Worship veer into the minimalist ambient sounds of ‘Swampwater Baptism’, with a lung-busting female voice taking over. There’s a feeling of desolation here, and it starts off a gloomy 15 minutes that ends with ‘Here Comes Hell’, those incredible vocals and a cold drum painting a bleak picture.

Moon Worship excel at creating an atmosphere, be that the cold landscape or fiery depths of a frantic hell.

A furious drum crashes in again for ‘Gaol’, the static, reverb and noise all collapsing in on each other – a tumultuous end to what is a fine early outline of the band.

Book The Pops is available to download or stream on Bandcamp for free but you should pay them for it anyway. Raining Records also released the EP on cassette in July last year, limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

Jake – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Rat City
  2. Temple of Greed
  3. Swampwater Baptism
  4. Here Comes Hell
  5. Gaol