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MR. LISP – ‘Get Our Minds Right’ Album Review

MR. LISP – Get Our Minds Right

Mr. LispGet Our Minds Right is the new album Mr. Lisp who hail from Philadelphia, PA, USA. The band cite NoFX and Ween as influences and the excellent opener Franky Santerelli has elements of both bands as it contains some super riff work, pounding drums and some fun, melodic vocals. The energy continues on the pacey Post-Communism where the guitar work reminds me of the Toy Dolls as do the lyrics and vocals with their fun and matter of fact delivery!

The title track, Get Our Minds Right is a more mid-paced rocker with those throaty vocals mingling with group vocals and serrated guitar chords leading to a pulsating, powerful chorus and Birch Boys ups the pace and contains a melody infused rock and rolling pop-punk approach that we just loved. The fifth track of the eleven on the album, Complacent has an earthy edge with screamed vocals adding an anger to the 250mph drums showing the band can churn out some truly powerful punk rock replete with some Black Sabbath riffs and, ahem, a stylophone ending!

Misnomer kicks in at tremendous pace and power chords a-plenty and some super vocals whilst Tomorrow is dominated by a soaring guitar lick and hooks and some super vocals driving through the tempo changes and then, Bad Diet/No Exercise features a roiling and rolling bass introduction leading to a NoFX style skate-punk/fun-punk song!

With Camel Cash Mr. Lisp follow another super bass guitar introduction and channel the Toy Dolls and Motorhead in their Ace Of Spades era following up with penultimate track, The Samwise Monologues where the melodic, “Fat” sound is on display and fully locked in – great stuff.

The album closes with Wednesday and the band leaves it all out there on the field with a fast and melodic punk rocker with some serious shredding – these guys can play and they know how to craft an excellent tune!


Have a listen to Get Our Minds Right  by Mr. Lisp here:






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