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MR WU’s PIGS – ‘It Is What It Is’ Album Review

MR WU’s PIGS – It Is What It Is

Mr Wu's PigsHailing from the UK, Mr Wu’s Pigs have released a strong album full of fuzz guitar, lo-fi and garage elements.

Blending the sounds of The Undertones, Husker Du and T-Rex, Mr Wu’s Pigs come straight out of the gate with the excellent No Apologies where some dirty guitar riffs lay down a strong foundation for a melodic vocal whilst the rhythm section drive the track along at pace…this is good stuff folks!! On Stolen the riffs get dirtier, the vocals more insistent and the track has more menace, power and punch with a Rudimentary Peni vibe!!!

Going Insane is a chunky, mid-paced rocker with a horror-punk/Cramps approach whilst Run For Your Life punches things up a little with some punky attitude and power. On Angela Limousine the raunchy riffs dominate a track that blends some melodic vocals and cymbal driven beat to craft a Damned meets the B-52s song!

Things take a turn on The Same Eyes as the guitar chords go up the fret a little and the vocals have a strong melodic approach creating a truly powerful track that we loved here in the office and Made Of Weapons adds to the nodding/head-banging at towers with a nasty riff and powerful vocal crafting a horror punk classic.

The band continue to deliver some majestic guitar riffs, melodic vocals and solid rhythms on the Johnny Thunders/New York Dolls like Satanic Dog whereas Dagbok ups the pace and power again setting up the closer, Dragonflies with a Sex Pistols like opening, Bauhaus on steroids delivery and that Undertones power-pop-punk approach that is so beguiling.


Great stuff by Mr Wu’s Pigs that you can get here:




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