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MUMMY – ‘Milk’ E.P. Review

MUMMY – Milk E.P.

mummyMUMMY are a DIY punk band from South London who are building a reputation in the UK punk scene. They are playing live with Wonk Unit and supporting Slaves in the near future and on the evidence of this E.P, they are well worth a visit.

The four song E.P. opens with Busy Doing Nothing where a brief and dirty sounding guitar and bass launch into a drum fueled punk rock track that channels Gallows and the Canadian band Metz. It’s a well structured and well played song with a great rhythm and some vocals that spit out some angry lyrics focused on the inane social media dominated lives. It’s a very strong song indeed and you can see why these boys are gaining a following.

Next up is Money Sponge where the band slow things down but do not lose any of their edge or power. There is an undercurrent of menace that is hard to describe but the track builds and builds with some great interplay between the guitars, drums and lead vocals.

Dream Smasher reveals yet another side to the band as it displays some plaintive guitar and a fifties ballad style vocal treatment albeit with a “Sarf Landan” accent and some humorous lyrics. I’m slowly but surely falling in love with MUMMY and they seal the deal as they launch the song into power chord and screamed vocal territory before a whispered ending…excellent stuff!

The four-track package ends with Bed for Good where the band display yet more variety. Building off the melodic and slower approach of Dream Smasher, Bed for Good is darker, powerful with a guitar lick hanging it all together in Offspring style although the structure of the song is more Pixies.

MUMMY display more variety and breadth in four songs than many are able to do across an entire album. I loved this release and we think you will too.

Check out the E.P, yours for a fiver, (although there are some exclusive packages as well) here:


Track Listing

  1. Busy Doing Nothing
  2. Money Sponge
  3. Dream Smasher
  4. Bed for Good


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