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MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – ‘The Usual Suspects’ Review

MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – The Usual Suspects

Mutha Luvin ChimpsThe Usual Suspects is the second album from Manchester, England punks, Mutha Luvin Chimps. The album catapults into life with the “1,2,3,4” shouted intro to the fantastic 93 seconds of Bunny. Producing a blend of the Buzzcocks, Toy Dolls and the Cockney Rejects, the band are onto something and it sounds sublime!

There are fourteen pop/punk tracks on the album and the tuneful melodies pervade throughout from the catchy Red Alert to the rock and rolling Cool Party with its 1950s vibe (albeit amped up and punkified!) On Hey Ho the Mutha Luvin Chimps explore humorous lyrics backed by an Oi! terrace chant group vocal. The sentiment that we can all agree with on the I Miss Joe Strummer is brought home by the brief Tommy Gun introduction and a melodic Clash style rocker.

I’m Not Blind pounds along with hooks and melody in droves and is followed by White Noise with some Ramones feel. The band really know how to connect the vocals to produce some singalong moments but the overall package is simply excellent punk rock music.

With Revolution, Mutha Luvin Chimps take the best of 1970s pre-punk glam rockers The Sweet and put their sound through the punk rock machine to produce a corker of a track and they follow it with UK-5Z4-17-00009-Friday Sun where that 1970s Glam Rock power sounds just a bit edgier, slightly raw but still very accessible and head bangingly addictive!

Like the Toy Dolls, Mutha Luvin Chimps tell stories with their songs, with humour but with a more personal tone from the aggressive Lies to the Clash inspired Too Bad. On Fittest Girl On The Nightshift the band tell a funny story about how a girl who makes the mundane aspects of work bearable but doesn’t even know he even exists.

The penultimate song, Everybody’s On Medication, I was literally headbanging to a hook laden belter and the closing track, Rainy Monday with its rain effects, alarm clock and group vocal driven pop-punk approach, the band delivers a fitting end to a fun album.

For a lighter, funnier but no less powerful punk rock experience, check out The Usual Suspects by Mutha Luvin Chimps here:




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