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NATTERERS – ‘Demo ’16’ E.P. Review

NATTERERS – Demo ‘16

natterersNatterers are named after a species of bat and they are very focused on eco-issues throughout the excellent Demo ’16 (a 4 –track EP that is well produced and sounds great despite the name).

If you like some variety in your punk rock and appreciate the female vocals such as those on DIRT albums or even the Lost Cherrees, then the Natterers are for you. The Demo ’16 E.P. opens with Make Room! Make Room! A song that challenges the growth of the world’s population and the effect it’s having on the planet. Natterers are from Yorkshire, England and consist of Chris – Bass, Emma – Shouting, John – Drums and Thomas – Guitar. They are fast, powerful and political.

Defiant (Again) like it’s three companion songs clocks in around the one minute and thirty second mark and it confronts the listener with some extremely angry vocals backed with some extremely rapid musicianship. The third track, Stand and Stare is one of the first I have ever heard that absolutely celebrates nature, the woods and the countryside and urges the listener to get off their arses and experience the great outdoors.

The Dead Kennedys guitar style of the closing track, And No Birds Sing wraps up the Demo ’16 E.P. with a continuation on the theme of eco-conscious lyrics backed by tight and speedy guitar, drums and base. The E.P. is short, powerful and angry and suggests that the Natterers have a great deal to offer.

You can check it out here:


Track Listing

  1. Make Room! Make Room!
  2. Defiant (again)
  3. Stand and Stare
  4. And No Birds Sing



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