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NEAT MENTALS – ‘Humanoid’ Album Review


Neat MentalsThe Neat Mentals from Stuttgart, Germany just released their first LP Humanoid at the end of 2018 on Flight 13 Records. The band describe their sound as “77 Punk – garage punk” and the opening track, Behaviour has elements of both as it travels along with big, fast riffs, huge solos and melodic vocals producing a pretty darn nice package indeed!

The sub-two-minute Telepath is a chunky rocker with fast licks intermingling with fast sections with group vocals reminding me a little of early U.K. Subs whereas Box Of Matches pounds along with melody and power living up to that ’77 Punk’ tag.

There are thirteen tracks on the album and a good deal of variety albeit most songs are muscular and feature hooks and melodies to burn, as with the excellent Cruel Fate and the “Undertones on steroids” pop-punk of Good Ones.

The sub-two-minute Darkness is driven by some great drumming and features huge group vocals and huge power chords and then Ghostship is supported by a great guitar lick that rolls and rolls and gives way to some great vocals and powerful chorus. Neat Mentals are good, they are very good and they produce solid street punk with authenticity as with Madhouse, a careening and aggressive mosh pit pleaser.

The Unseen maintains the momentum with a Generation X style rocker and Staying Friends has an Oi! like feel with a twisting guitar lick, solid beat, serrated chords, excellent vocals and it rips into your gut like the very best punk rockers before Out Of My Head just rushes out of the speakers and attacks with intent full of menace, power and tight sections full of great guitar work and some drum/vocal sections that shred!

The second to last song, Little Sunshine marches along to a fast beat and fast guitar chords leading to the conclusion, Brainwashed which deliver forty seconds of 300mph punk rock in the style of The Dickies…great stuff.

Get a load of Neat Mentals and Humanoid by following the link below:


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