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NECK DEEP IN FILTH – ‘Self titled’ EP Review

NECK DEEP IN FILTH – Self titled

Neck Deep In FilthNeck Deep In Filth was formed in 2016 when members of various Kathmandu, Nepal (yes, you read that right) based punk, hardcore, and death metal bands came together to play politically-driven hardcore/punk.

Having initially met through shows and sharing practice spaces, since Kathmandu is such a small place, the band quickly settled in together and began to forge a sound that is hardcore, violent and about as strong as a brick wall. The eponymous EP was recorded in their rehearsal spaces while their bassist Sushil recorded, mixed & mastered the material, resulting in a sound that is definitive of what DIY means in the third world.

The six track EP opens with some spoken word (I’m afraid I don’t know the language) that is joined by some feedback and then a slow bass drum with cymbals. After about 90 seconds, Adder Tongue (Intro) morphs into power chords, spiraling riffs and, eventually, sears into you skull with an intense scream and chunky guitar. It is a heavy song followed by the N.D.I.F. title track with serrated guitars, pounding bass and drums that reminded me very much of early MDC meets Discharge with a bit of grindcore thrown in!

Built On Wrongs careens forwards with bass solos, incredible speed and sections of respite. Neck Deep In Filth are the real deal as they display on Diet Of Ignorance that, again, doffs its cap to early hardcore interchanging grind sections with full on 150mph mosh pit friendly segments

The spoken word introduction to Praise The Tyrant flatters to deceive as the female voice is replaced with a guttural scream and aggressive hardcore music. Again the band link together faster and slower pieces to create a song that Napalm Death would be proud of. This is intense stuff and the closer, Holy Mother Corrupt Child dials up the anxiety with a foreboding intro and then a mellow guitar and cymbals lead us to throbbing drum rolls before a vocal dripping with anger and angst launches the track into another orbit. The female backing vocals add to the anger on display.

We are told that Katmandu boasts one of the best metal & punk scenes in South Asia and Neck Deep In Filth are regular live players. As vocalist Vishal puts it – “We’re living in a society filled with racists, misogynists, and hate filled ultranationalists. We’re surrounded by scum. Hence, Neck Deep In Filth.” 

This is a hardcore punk EP that you need to grab. Get the self titled EP by Neck Deep In Filth here:




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