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NEEDS Share ‘Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine’ Video

NEEDS Share ‘Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine’ Video

NeedsVancouver, BC hardcore band NEEDS have shared their video for ‘Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine’ (watch below).

The track is from the band’s sophomore album Limitations which was released this June. The band makes post-ironic hardcore that aptly blends their world view – “a mix of sweet idealism and brooding cynicism”- with sonic influences ranging from Metz to Protomartyr, Pissed Jeans to Nation of Ulysses.


The band’s thoughts on making the video:

“They said it was too crazy of an idea to pull off. An homage to New Radicals’ ‘Get What You Give” filmed in Tinseltown mall? Kidnapping a scumbag realtor? A sudden Blue Ruin twist that falls comfortably within Facebook’s content guidelines? But thanks to Sean’s stubborn creative vision and Mike Babiarz’s relentless hustle, the crazy has become reality with the help of a whole bunch of great folks.

Keith Wecker’s ( V.Vecker Ensemble) frantic sax sets the tone for the chaos to come- a commentary on Vancouver’s housing crisis in the context of global capital vis a vis the failed revolutionary aesthetic of the 90’s. The song asks “can art affect real social change”? Is it enough to simply scream at injustice or do we need to take drastic action? We can rage on social media but at the end of the day, is it just virtue signalling? Should anyone listen to cries of revolution from 5 cis-het white dudes?

We named the Realtor Rennie Wilson, a portmanteau of Bob Rennie and Chip Wilson, the latter who recently evicted the beloved Red Gate in a city already plagued by venue closures and gentrification.”



11 – Oct – Hamilton – TBA
12 – Oct – Toronto – Bovine Sex Club
13 – Oct – Detroit – Kelly’s Bar
14 – Oct – Pittsburgh – Gooski’s
16 – Oct – Baltimore – TBA
17 – Oct – Philadelphia – The Fire
18 – Oct – New York – TBA
19 – Oct – Boston – TBA
20 – Oct – Montreal – Turbohaus