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NEKAD – ‘Klusumā’ Review

NEKAD – ‘Klusumā’

nekadAlthough NEKAD recorded this album back in March, some line-up changes have delayed the band sending this one over. The band hail from Riga, Latvia and Klusma is one potent dose of hardcore punk rock.

The first track, Dzivojam Apatija blends some grindcore with fast paced punk. It’s an extremely heavy opening. Pedejais Kars reminded me a little of Motorhead albeit with a heavier vocal than Lemmy. Nekad are not content to just thrash their way through two minutes of hardcore and introduce changes of pace, changes in direction and some intricate interplay between the instruments…they are heavy as hell!

Kur Musu Sapni perfectly captures their sound with a melodic, grinding intro launching into a D-Beat frenzied verse and then a chugging, churning interlude with vocals and then an instrumental section before the climax…good stuff!

The mid-point of the seven-track album is Es Esmu Dzivs that sounds like Rudimentary Peni and it is followed by a more Amebix like Savtiba, a churning stand-out effort on the album.

Izmaini Pasauli is the penultimate song and begins with a slow guitar before exploding into a melting pot of energy, rage and complexity. Two and a half minutes in and I was head-banging along!

Last up is the seven and a half minute Butiba and the extra length gives the bass driven track room to breathe, add layers but basically grind you into a blissful submission. It’s a fitting end to a great album.

You can find basic information bout Nekad on their FB page – https://www.facebook.com/nekadhc/ . The album can be found here: – https://nekad.bandcamp.com