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NEON BONE – ‘That Dog Won’t Hunt’ Album Review

NEON BONE – That Dog Won’t Hunt

Neon BoneNeon Bone started life as a one-man band hailing from Munster, Germany. The sound is pop-punk with some Ramones influence and, That Dog Won’t Hunt is the 3rd full length album from the gifted DIY punker.

The album opens with the ticking clock of Waiting before the riffs kick in with a catchy lick prominent and the entire track has a Husker Du sound with laid back vocals and layers of guitars. The faster pace of Nothing To Show does have some Ramones undercurrents in terms of the fast guitars and drumbeat although the vocals are more Bad Religion!

The thirteen-song album continues with the Weezer-esque churner, Beyond Compare and Break My Heart is a pop-punk pounder that had our feet tapping and heads nodding in unison! On Lose Yourself Neon Bone punch things up in terms of pace and power but maintain the melody and hooks to deliver an accessible pop-punk pleaser.

There She Goes again channels Weezer in terms of fuzzed out guitar riffs and well delivered 1950s vocal melody whilst Back On The Road is a more straightforward rocker. The fast paced Mad About You shows a more aggressive punk rock approach and the follow up, Maybe It’s Just Me displays a slower, churning punk ballad.

The End Of The World (Skeeter Davies) is a super cover of the ballad and it leads to On And On where Neon Bone deliver a pounding pop-punk effort that has some SoCal punk atmosphere. The penultimate song, Hold Onto Yourself is another one that reminds me of Weezer and the closer, No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (Everly Brothers) is another cover of a pop song from the 1960’s that is punched up and punked out…good stuff.

This is an album for fans of all the bands mentioned above with hooks and melodies throughout.

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