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NEPTUNE’S INFERNO – ‘Abyss’ Review


neptunes-infernoWhooahhhhh….whoaaaahhhhhh….how can one person create this much noise, this much power, this much energy?

Neptune’s Inferno Founded in 2012 by Vincent Napolitano, Neptune’s Inferno is a one-man extreme sludge/doom outfit from New York.  Abyss is released this month and you better turn on the lights, invite a few friends around and be ready to have your mind blown.

Opening with the title track Abyss is probably the best named song I have come across in that it totally describes the sound coming out of the speakers. Slow drums, massively distorted bass and long strummed guitar chords underlay some of most inhuman screamed vocals I have ever come across…frankly, I was scared!

However, the next track Chiropteris takes things a step further. It’s a variation on the title track but even angrier, slow, sludge, relentless churning power chords and the tortured screams of Napolitano makes me think this guy gargles razor blades for breakfast. Night Fever ever so slightly increases the pace (although it’s all relative) The powerful guitar work is well supported by the drums and those vocals, wow!

Vision Spell is seven and a half minutes of doom laden, grinding, horror movie vocals and it pummels you into submission. The song layers on another layer of vocal that elevates the experience. By now I have simply given in to the pounding – this track just wont let you go – it’s like Rudimentary Peni played at half speed.

Sonic Invasion (another really descriptive song title) is so heavy it makes Black Sabbath sound like Abba and the final track Frost Trails Under the Blackened Sun is the albums ‘magnum opus’ clocking in at eleven and a half minutes of gut wrenching, heart pounding power chords, bass drums and muted cymbals that actually works really well.

If you like your music heavy, really heavy with screamed vocals and relentless pounding rhythm, you simply have to check this out…it blew my mind (and eardrums).

Find it on bandcamp here>>>


Track Listing

  1. Abyss
  2. Chiropteris
  3. Night Fever
  4. Vision Spell
  5. Sonic Invasion
  6. Frost Trails Under the Blackened Sun



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