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NERDLINGER – ‘Happy Place’ Album Review

NERDLINGER – Happy Place

NerdlingerOn July 13th Disconnect Disconnect Records will release the new album by Nerdlinger. The band have a long and storied history playing over 350 shows since 2013 across Australia, Japan and New Zealand, and are they are set to embark on their first tour of the United States after an East Coast tour of Australia, following the release of their debut album Happy Place.

The fourteen-track album opens with the appropriately titled 30 Seconds Of Satisfaction, a melodic fast paced and punker sounding track, a little like Lagwagon. The even faster, Fat Gav, follows also upping the skate-punk aggression but introducing a Kinks like keyboard and guitar solo middle eight that both surprises and delights at the same time!

On Sunny Days the melodic and softly strummed guitar introduction supports a plaintive vocal and the ballad like approach builds and builds until finally exploding about two thirds of the way through into a manic punk rocker that is followed by the soaring and searing German Wings. Nerdlinger utilizes skate-punk drumming, shreds some serious riffs and keeps the whole thing melodic, technical and full of twists and turns such as the almost country punk vibe on Underrated. The ninety seconds of Miyajima Cockroaches is intense and more aggressive with Song Of The Damned more rhythmic and chunkier with a pounding beat, brass segments adding to the variety!

Milk is a melodic punk rocker with a strong guitar lick and is followed by the lengthy Superficial where Nerdlinger channel Bad Religion and produce some solid, punk rock replete with backing vocals, tight tempo changes with some super musicianship! The hookfest that is The Ballad Of Rod Lightning melds that Kinks style with Sum41 and it works to produce a great track whilst I’ve Taken Five maintains the pace and power.

The Stiff Little Fingers style of Can Yu Forgive Me? is driven by some excellent guitar work and the penultimate track on the album, Sails combines fast punk with Blur like sections and male/female vocal interchanges that produce a super song. The album concludes with Contagious, ninety-six seconds of rolling guitar licks, 150mph drums, aggressive vocals that wrap up a very enjoyable album indeed!


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