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NERVE CLINIC New Self-Titled EP Out Now

NERVE CLINIC New Self-Titled EP Out Now

Nerve ClinicNerve Clinic, the solo project of Chase Griffis has teamed up with Boise, ID’s Hidden Home Records to release his third release, a self-titled EP containing four hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll pop punk songs that are as catchy and poppy as they are introspective and honest.

Nerve Clinic – Though Nerve Clinic may be a new name on your radar, Chase Griffis, the man behind it, may not be. A key member of acts such as Heartless Breakers and Reviver, Griffis has been involved in the Salt Lake City music scene and the DIY touring circuit for many years. Despite any unfamiliarity with the name, Nerve Clinic has been a project since 2012 and has been showcasing Griffis’ no-bullshit approach to songwriting since its inception.

To write and record the release, Griffis made his way down to Oakland, CA to record with Scott Goodrich. The quality of the release proves that the trek was worth it. “Some of the songs are way old, but we just brought them back to life and did the thing,” said Griffis.


  1. The Pattern
  2. We Are Here and That’s About It
  3. Sinner
  4. Impounds & Imposters