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NERVES – ‘Put A Plaster On It’ Review

NERVES – Put A Plaster On It

NervesNerves are a four piece rock/punk band from South London. They released their debut EP, Put A Plaster On Ita few weeks ago and it’s now available across all major platforms.

The EP opens with a tight, rocking instrumental aptly titled Introand this sets the stage for the almost four-minute epic, Fear & Dread. The track is dominated by a pulsating guitar riff, see-saw rhythms and heavy as all hell segments that simply blow away the cobwebs and force you to bang your head in unison with the rhythm…there’s a latent anger and power in the song that has some Royal Blood elements of bluesy guitars turned up the max.

The booming bass and intricate rhythms that usher in What’s Next reminded me a bit of the Sleaford Mods but the manic vocals and screaming guitars take the song into punk rock power territory with some serious muscle in the vein of Idles. The seven track EP continues with Hit A Nerve and this one spirals into view with a raucous lick that is laid on a foundation of strong drumming and superb vocals…it had the entire office forming a circle pit of old age punkers!

Observations Of A Boy is a more restrained musical effort on the whole with danceable rhythms, funky bass and intermittent chord work but the power segments just steal the show with sheer power that just, well, rocked…this is great stuff! The tracks are lengthy, clever and complex but not indulgent at all as the authenticity drips out of the speakers on songs like Charmers Snake where soaring riffs meet off-kilter yet powerful vocals in a garage punk atmosphere, and all is laid on the superb rhythm section.

The EP ends with Dim Reality with echoes of Nirvana, Idles and the Dead Kennedys blending together with some gritty realism as the song just works it magic throughout and is a contender for track of the year in my book. I just loved this one!!!


Here is the link to Nerves and Put A Plaster On It: https://ffm.to/putaplasteronit.