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NEW DEADLINE – ‘To Hope’ Album Review


New DeadlinePunk rock band New Deadline from Lahti, Finland have just released their new album, To Hope on Redfield Records. Opening with the distinctly Californian sounding Runaway, the band channel Gaslight Anthem as well as the SoCal skate-punk sound full of hooks and melody.

The plaintive vocal introduction to the title track, To Hope leads to a bass driven pop-punk song and the follow up, Black Tree also features a prominent bass guitar albeit a bit faster and dirtier and the song progresses into post-hardcore territory with those emo-tinged melodious vocals ever-present.

We Were Kids Back Then is a mid paced pop-punk and Bite That Lip takes the genre a stage further with a ballad like approach featuring tuneful vocals. The acoustic style of Gothenburg with a mournful vocal produce a sound in the mold of Bon Iver…it’s a strong effort that is restrained throughout and sets up Evelyn as a faster, post-hardcore rocker. The band have a knack for penning a catchy tune and showcase this on Two Worlds with a New Found Glory vibe.

The second to last of the ten songs, This Generation has a more driving rhythm, screamed vocals and some intricate segments all supporting an excellent chorus. The album closes with Rainy Days and I am reminded again of the aforementioned Gaslight Anthem with a pounding beat, melodic story telling vocals and hooks-a-plenty throughout.


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