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New NH3 single ‘Reason’ from upcoming album ‘Superhero’

New NH3 single ‘Reason’ from upcoming album ‘Superhero’

NH3Taking a look at the world right now, the social and political situation we all have to face, it’s quite understandable to express the wish for a Superman or Batman cruising around to fix all things for us.

The other option would be to rise, get rid of the physical and psychological lockdown, to strife off helplessness and gain back the faith to oneself, to use the strength derived from that process and let apathy bounce off from you, that comes along with modern consumer driven society.

It is exactly this precess, that is being described on the new NH3 concept album SUPERHERO in a rather harsh way by keeping their roots of uptempo punk rock with hardcore elements and ska-infusions combining Italian and English vocals.

‘Reason’ is the first, rather easy going glimpse on SUPERHERO.



Artist: NH3
Street date: March, 1st, 2019






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