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New Punk Band SKYOTIC TENDENCIES Share Video

New Punk Band SKYOTIC TENDENCIES Share Video

Skyotic TendenciesNew formed punk band Skyotic Tendencies have shared a new video with us and hop=e to get their name out there with a bit more exposure.

They have been a band for approximately one year and have played gigs with the likes of MDC, Sniper 66  and a bunch of other local bands .

Hailing from Bryan, Texas, they grew up on punk rock and decided they had something to say. Skyotic Tendencies make all their own merch / shirts , patches , badges , cd’s and their material includes songs about Trump, not eating meat, boarders, people’s expectations of women and children, friendships etc .

Give them a listen and help support young punk bands looking to make their mark.


Brothers and sister

EVE: bass and vocals

Jonas: guitar

Julian: drums





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