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NEW ROCKET UNION – Self Titled Album Review

NEW ROCKET UNION – New Rocket Union

new-rocket-unionNew Rocket Union is a high energy, no frills, garage punk duo from the home of the seminal Husker Du, Minneapolis, MN.

Their self-titled album captures their intensity with catchy hooks, stomping drums, and fierce guitar. From the excellent opener, Off My Feet, New Rocket Union are like a breath of fresh air. Despite their Midwest heritage, they sound like they have just emerged from deepest darkest UK with a raunchy, saxophone driven song. Next up is the ‘fist in the air’ anthem, HEY, where a simple but effective riff is punctuated with the shout of the tracks title. The band show off some melodic hooks to balance the raw power reminiscent of early Sham 69 married to Dr. Feelgood!

C’mon C’mon is slightly faster and betrays just two band members as they create a truly powerful racket that bleeds into Be My Girl as the duo take the Royal Blood formula and add a great deal of velocity. The ten track album has that raw edge that is impossible to ignore and it’s on full display on the excellent Don’t Lie To Me as the songs continue to focus on personal trials and tribulations.

Crazy is a raucous rock ‘n’ roller reminding me of Slade, T-Rex and other rabble rousing bands of the early/mid seventies. The excellently titled 78/33/45 (one for the oldies there) slows things down just a little to throw down a chunky riff that will have you tapping your feet and strutting your stuff.

The ninth track, takes the breather you get with the prior song and launches into a 100mph punk rocker – Get Down is great fun, like the entire album – fresh, in your face and no pretense. Closing with Trouble, New Rocket Union sign off a strong album with a track that exposes more super riffs, melodic choruses all backed up by those pounding drums….it’s just good stuff!

Check them out here: https://newrocketunion1.bandcamp.com/