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NEWTOWN NEUROTICS: Crowdfund Campaign Launched for Documentary

NEWTOWN NEUROTICS: Crowdfund Campaign Launched for Documentary

newtown-neuroticsA Kickstarter campaign has been launched seeking funding for the completion of a full-length documentary on cult British punk band, The Newtown Neurotics.

Formed in Harlow, Essex in 1979, The Newtown Neurotics were notable for their openly socialist stance. Spurred on by the rise of Thatcherism and increasing social disharmony, the band became synonymous with the burgeoning political punk scene alongside the likes of Billy Bragg and Attila The Stockbroker, and embarked on a number of miners’ benefit shows and tours of East Germany during their initial ten year run.

The documentary, titled Kick Out: The Newtown Neurotics Story, explores the history of the band and the politics that defined them. Filmmaker Luke Baker says; “The aim of Kick Out is to capture the essence of the time, explore the events which moulded the band’s worldview, and examine their place in British music history.”

Frontman Steve Drewett says; “The ideological war against the poor and the working class has led us to the crisis of capitalism we all witness today. If it is true that you need to walk a mile in a person’s shoes to really know them, then it is equally relevant that you need to watch an hour or more of a bands documentary to truly understand them too.”

The documentary will incorporate archive footage, photography and interviews with leading figures from their past. Notable contributors include;

Billy Bragg – Singer, songwriter and left-wing activist

Attila The Stockbroker – Poet, musician and songwriter, long time associate of the band, and frontman Steve Drewett’s best friend

Phill Jupitus – Stand-up and improv comedian, actor, performance poet, cartoonist, and podcaster, also known as Porky the Poet

Steve Lamacq – Radio disc jockey, BBC Radio 6 Music

Garry Bushell – Newspaper columnist, music journalist, television presenter, author and political activist


The campaign, which ends on the 23rd March 2018, has set a target of £12,000 with the aim of covering the costs for post-production, media clearances and festival submissions. Incentives include Neurotics memorabilia, unique artwork, merchandise, and access to screenings.


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