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NEWTOWN NEUROTICS – ‘Triumph Over Adversity’ Review

newtown-neuroticsRe-released by Violated Records 2015

I was lucky enough to see Newtown Neurotics perform live in the summer of this year. This was the first time I’d seen them and they had always been on my bucket list ever since I first heard ‘Beggars Can Be Choosers’ back in the 80’s. They were playing a small venue above the Frog and Newt pub in central Leeds with about a hundred diehard fans enjoying every moment. I just couldn’t help but feel they deserved a much bigger audience.

Hailing from Harlow, Essex in the U.K. the Newtown Neurotics were formed in 1979 by guitarist Steve Drewett and Colin “Dredd” Masters. With the addition of Simon Lomond on drums in 1981 this line-up would prove to be one of Britain’s most politically fueled punk bands of the 1980’s.

As soon as ‘Beggars Can Be Choosers’ was released they became one of the main political players in the punk world. As newtown-neuroticswith ‘Triumph Over Adversity’, the Leeds gig opened with ‘Wake Up’. This took on a particular poignant moment in Leeds as it was the Neurotics first gig since the all too soon death of original bassist Colin Dredd. Drewitt turned his back on the audience and stared at a blown up photo of Dredd as he continued to play the opening riff over and over again. A fitting tribute before the band launched into their familiar set, not far removed from ‘Triumph Over Adversity’ back in ’87.


This album is an amazing document of a live performance at Brunel University from April 4th 1987, where the band was forced to play late as there was a bomb threat earlier in the evening.

With a line-up of Steve Drewett (vocals/ guitar), Simon Lomond and new bassist Adam Smith, The Newtown Neurotics still continue to play some of Punk’s biggest festivals all over the world and will be a main attraction at 2016’s Rebellion Festival at Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Wake up
  2. Never Hold Your Tongue
  3. Airstrip One
  4. Sects
  5. Angela
  6. Fighting Times
  7. Newtown People
  8. Africa
  9. Stand By Me
  10. This Fragile Life
  11. Keep The Faith
  12. Take Strike Action
  13. Living With Unemployment
  14. You Must Be Mad

You can get hold of a copy direct from Violated Records here>>>