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NIEVIEM – ‘The Hope Is There’ EP Review

NIEVIEM – The Hope Is There

NieviemWhen we get some punk rock music from our home county of Lincolnshire, England, we tend to get a little excited. We were not disappointed as Nieviem’s seven-track raucous rocker just blew us away.

The opening track, Indifferent, showcases some of the strongest female lead vocals on a punk song in a while. The musical backing is powerful and towering punk rock driven forward by a solid drum and bass unit…Wow!

On Everybody’s Home the pace is maintained and the guitars get heavier and the lyrics attack racism whilst celebrating inclusiveness. We Loved it! The seven songs are all given room to breath whilst the power and pace is relentless with the excellent Feathers delivering some personal and heartfelt lyrics over some ‘in your face’ punk rock.

At the half-way point, Thousand People a mid-paced introduction launches into another 150mph punk rocker addressing loneliness whilst Fick (a play on the Lincolnshire dialect?) takes on a personal relationship gone wrong and it is bloody brilliant.

The penultimate song, Forget Me Not is a skate-punk classic with some ‘punch the air’ sections and circle-pit inducing pace. The release closes with Disappointed with a Paramore vibe albeit more raunchy, punky and more powerful. This is a truly superb release and Nieviem are another welcome addition to the global punk rock family!

Check out The Hope Is There EP by Nieviem here:





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