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NO QUARTER – ‘Freedom’ Album Review

NO QUARTER – Freedom

No QuarterReleased late last year but only just hitting our inbox, Australian punkers, No Quarter suggest that punk rock is not dead, not by a long stretch.  With the four and a half minute title track, Freedom, the band produce a massive sound after a melodic introduction. The pace is manic, the hooks hit the target and the chorus rings out with positive energy. The length of the song allows the band to show their skate-punk chops as well as some chunky 1977 punk sections.

Before you have a chance to catch your breath, One Hundred Metres explodes into earshot with pace, power and packing a punch – it is a corker of a track. The third track of the twelve on this terrific album is Abandon Ship, This Fucker’s Sinking and it is a song for the age with some superb playing and a rallying cry for change. No Quarter are political for sure but take on personal issues with The Air Up There about loss set to a 150mph punk rock backing with real melody.

The pace continues with Second Rate and the brief respite of the introduction to I.K.Y. gives you a second or two to catch your breath before it bursts into a manically fast melodic punk rocker. On Bottletops And Jameson Shots the band channel some So.Cal punk rock but the drumming is simply frenzied whilst the overall sound is wild and melodic.

Metrofucks is more hardcore in sound and KFC chaotically fast as No Quarter lament the monotony of fast food serving jobs. The four minutes of The Devil’s Greatest Trick Was Convincing The World He Didn’t Exist are full of melody with a signature guitar riff leading the way – it is a brilliant punk rock song.

More long song titles follow with the penultimate track, The Biblical Retelling Of Vesa The Finnish Chuck Norris with it’s Toy Dolls style lyrics and Blink 182 on speed approach. The last song, Lost Boyz 4 Eva ends with the line “Growing Up is Giving Up” and that neatly captures the attitude on display throughout this fast, powerful punk rock production.

Check out Freedom by No Quarter here: https://noquarterpunk.bandcamp.com/