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NO TIME – ‘You’ll Get Yours’ Review

no-timeThis was the first album out of a package of three we recently received from our friends at Rebellion Records and it’s a corker of a street punk/Oi release. Opening with Y.W.B.M. – “You Won’t Be Missed” – a chunky, aggressive song with throaty vocals that compliment the tight as a gnats arse guitar, bass and drums, No Time force you to sit up and take notice.

There is some really neat guitar work throughout the album with some quick licks driving forward tracks like No Enemies. Many tracks are fast and hostile such as Man in Uniform and last less than two minutes in lenght. Others such as Bow to No One are more melodic with a ‘punch the air’ terrace chants

The band sound like an updated version of the original Oi bands from the East End of London despite hailing from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the USA. My Rules compares well to any Cock Sparrer/Cockney Rejects effort but reminds me more of the 4-Skins and The Business. Once again, the song is enhanced by a strong guitar solo and a very solid rhythm section providing the platform for the barked vocals.

No Time focus their lyrics on the miserable lives of the working class today and encapsulate this perfectly in Anti-Social Today one of the absolute stand-out tracks of the seventeen on the album. I loved it!

It is easy to imagine the band live as the songs are urgent, fast, angry with ‘punch the air’ lyrics such as those on Gutter Dreams. This is punk at it’s most raw and powerful and rather than being a rehash of the first wave of Oi, it’s an updated, fresh and urgent evolution of the genre. City Dyin’ takes the energy levels up with a Stiff Little Fingers sounding approach. Rebellion have added six demo tracks to album’s eleven originals and each adds value. I particularly liked Cutthroat and Warpath with different approached but each very strong.

If you like your punk straight up, powerful, angry but well played and well produced, this is an album for you. Check it out here :

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Track Listing

  1. Y.W.B.M
  2. No Enemies
  3. Man In Uniform
  4. Bow To None
  5. Fuck You
  6. My Rules
  7. Anti-Social Today
  8. You’ll Get Yours
  9. Gutter Dreams
  10. Make No Mistake
  11. Shit Society
  12. City Dyin’
  13. Cutthroat
  14. Headache
  15. Reprobate
  16. Perpetual War
  17. Warpath