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NOBODY’S HERO – Self-Titled Album Review

NOBODY’S HERO – Nobody’s Hero

Nobody's HeroNobody’s Hero features ex members of The Vandals, Against All Authority & Guajiro and, any band that is named after a Stiff Little Fingers classic is surely worth a listen. The self-titled debut album has jus been released and contains twelve punk rock tracks that we found full of fresh energy.

The first song, Keep Up The Fight, explodes after a guitar intro into a 100mph Oi/Punk riot of a song with punch the air vocals and some of the tightest drumming heard in years…phew! The military drum rolls and power chords introducing All Kings Fall leads into another ripsnorting track replete with group terrace chant vocals that add to the rawness and power. The third track of the twelve enters with full on power and lyrics sung in Spanish, La Reformation Final burrows into your ear canals with an insistent beat.

Nobody’s Hero are good, very good in fact and the SLF style guitar intro to By Your Side sets up an Oi classic that the Cockney Rejects and 4 Skins would be proud of. The band maintain the power and momentum with the roiling riffs of Bits And Pieces and the chunky riffs that introduce the brilliant punk rock of Effective Aggression.

On Ruination Under God the band manage to eek out more pace and power (and, they were fast before!) and the melodic guitars on Can’t Take This build on top of the speed and raw vocals. The power and pace are unrelenting throughout with World Wide Fratricide channeling GBH albeit with a neat chorus vocal that is juxtaposed with the gravel voiced lead vocals.

Never afraid to mine a great guitar riff/lick like most great Oi!/Punk bands, the hooks punch one after another on Wrong Way and the booming drums that introduce the excellent Stand United remind me of Cock Sparrer meeting Discharge!

Concluding with Wise Up (Bold) Nobody’s Hero leave us with a punk rock assault of a track that Pennywise and Black Flag would have been proud to record. This is a powerhouse punk rock album that we loved!

Grab the self titled debut album by Nobody’s Hero here: http://ajamrecords.com/