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Norwegian Hardcore Punk Band Lüdo Release Debut Single

Norwegian Hardcore Punk Band Lüdo Release Debut Single

LudoLüdo is a Norwegian Hardcore (S)punk Band consisting of Martin Morsund (Vocals), Sebastian Barøy (Rhythm Guitar), Kristoffer Kile (Lead Guitar), Gabriel Sæther (Bass), and Adrian Neykov (Drums). The band was formed in the southern part of Norway, a beautiful winter month in the year of 2018. All of the members were involved with other musical projects, so their original intention was to play a one-off show at a local talent show, but in the coming months after the show, local bands started dropping like flies, and the members became available to focus more on Lüdo.

In August of 2018 the band traveled to Norsk Lydstudio in Mjøndalen, to record with Producer Peter Michelsen (Known from the band Donkeyboy). After two intense 18-hour days with close to no sleep, the band had three fully recorded and produced songs. The songs were then sent to Ola Søgaard in Kristiansand, for Mixing and Mastering.

The first of these songs, “Heard It All Before”, was release as a single the 21st of September 2018, with the rest to follow in the coming months.


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