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NOSEBLEED – ‘Something in my Head’ Review

nosebleedWe liked this six track EP very much. Right from the off, a Dead Kennedys riff on Keep Walking had us banging our heads and stomping our feet. There’s a grungy, swampy, garage rock n roll vibe to the band who hail from the city of Leeds in the UK (So much good music coming out of Leeds this year). For a three piece, they make a very catchy, guitar riff driven lovely punk noise!

Secret is a fast-paced mosh-pit friendly one and half minute masterpiece with a great bass solo middle eight. Something in My Head also clocks in just over 100 seconds and is a worthy title track that just notches up the pace a little.

Time and Time Again surprises with a 1930’s big band outro followed by a newscaster introducing the Nosebleeds with the phrase “Prepare your fucking ears” – it rocks along with a rhythm that you can’t ignore – as we were playing it, our colleagues at punkonline.com started to move to the beat.

Watch Out returns a stronger punk sound with chanted chorus and the EP concludes with What Ya Gonna Do? I loved it and the entire EP had me begging for more – an updated rock n roll band for the times.

Nosebleed will release their brand new EP “Something in My Head” on the 26th August 2016. It will be available on Limited Edition Black vinyl CD from the band’s Bandcamp. https://nosebleedband.bandcamp.com/

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Track Listing (n/b apologies if the order differs from the review but for some reason the file downloaded alphabetically!)

  1. Time and Time Again
  2. Secret
  3. Something in my Head
  4. Keep Walking
  5. What You Gonna Do?
  6. Watch Out