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NOT A PART OF IT – ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Down’ Album Review

NOT A PART OF IT – Don’t Let The Bastards Down

not-a-part-of-itNot A Part Of It are a punk rock band from Eugene, Oregon and they just came to our attention at Punk Online. Their first full length release has been around a while but we’ve just been sent a copy so we decided to post a review. Don’t Let The Bastards Down opens with Outta Control where the dual vocals add an urgency to a superb punk rock track that includes a monster guitar style and Restarts style approach.

Not A Part Of It state that they are influenced by 1977 punk rock and there’s some SLF, some Clash, some UK Subs running through their sound. Life’s A Riot tempts with a fast (very fast) ska guitar and melodious guitar before those hard-edged guttural vocals bring back Jake Burns at his inflammable best.

They Say has an anthem like quality that had me head banging, fist punching the air and wondering where these boys have been all my life. They can play, write a monster tune and hook you in with song after song from the Garageland tinged They Won’t Get Us (great song!) to the excellent Contemporary Charismatic Criminals.

The twelve songs all deliver a unique sound and Blood City melds that Clash influence with some Oi! to produce a working-class boot stomper. The three piece certainly know how to craft a punk song and they bring a little Dropkick Murphys to You Are The Program a track that significantly ups the tempo and sing-along hooks – I loved it!

By the time the drum intro to Mind Games is joined by superb crowd pleasing rollicking shanty tune I’m all in on Not A Part Of It…they’re great! The penultimate song of the twelve, The Shotcaller has me back in SLF territory with the fast guitar lick, glass gargling vocals and punk rock chorus.

The album ends with Rollercoaster where the band go all in on a reggae/ska beat and bring in a little Rancid to the sound. If this doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will…well done boys….they have taken a whole bunch of influences and produced a truly excellent punk rock album.

Get Don’t Let The Bastards Down now right here: https://notapartofit.bandcamp.com/album/dont-let-the-bastards-down

Catch Not A Part Of It live in February/March right across America: http://notapartofit.com/not-a-part-of-it-the-nine-lives-of-the-night-life-tour-2017/