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NOT A PART OF IT – Nine Lives Of The Night Life

NOT A PART OF IT – Nine Lives Of The Night Life

not-a-part-of-itNot A Part Of It is a three-piece punk band hailing from Eugene, Oregon. The trio came together in February 2014 and, to date, have recorded two full length albums: Don’t Let the Bastards Down” (2015) and this one Nine Lives of the Night Life.

The band have a very unique sound that blends some early 1970s punk rock with some of the UK82 wave and Oi!

Hostile Populace opens the album and is melodic Oi! style track in the vein of the 4 Skins, Sham 69 with maybe a hint of The Exploited!

We Have The Right (Not) To Work is a superb rabble rousing protest song that is full of melody, terrace-chant chorus and some tight and clever musicianship – this will be a great live track as well. I’m already hooked and Not A Part Of It are bloody good. The third track of the nine track album, Fearless Tearless Peerless is a full on GBH style punk-rocker whilst next up is the poppier Coast To Coast where the band channel The Ramones.

After the recent releases fromm punk rock legends Cock Sparrer and Rancid, it is amazing that bands like Not A Part Of It are making great music that would hold up well with the big boys. On National National, they slow things down a little and produce a folk/country/punk effort that provides a brief demonstration of the bands variety and songwriting chops.

The title track is next and Nine Lives Of The Night Life is a 1,2,3,4 Go effort with some group vocals and verses backed by drums and bass followed by a chorus that The Restarts would be proud of! Stick ‘Em Up Rude Boys appropriately takes on a reggae/dub vibe with a punk rock chorus – great fun!

The penultimate track, All On You takes things up a rung with a rollicking guitar fueled punk track where the vocals delve into Olga of Toy Dolls territory! The album ends with Bilateral where Not A Part Of It blend all of those aforementioned influences together and produce a Rancid style crowd pleaser.

Seriously, get this one if you like any of the bands mentioned in this review, you’ll love Not A Part Of It!!! Get Nine Lives Of The Night Life here:




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