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NOWHERE FAST Announce New Album ‘Aeonian’

NOWHERE FAST Announce New Album ‘Aeonian’

nowhere-fastFrom Louisville, KY and Staten Island, NY come Nowhere Fast and they have just announced a new album ‘Aeonian’ due out later this year. The band share a demo with us below.

Energizing and passionate lyrics over a foundation of majors and minors saying just as much as the lyric it’s backing up. Nowhere Fast has been up and down like most bands, but continue to push through and stay with writing, recording, and touring.

On “Trials” the band recorded with Mark Michalik and Nick Diener (The Swellers) to capture their best songs to date. Being on a budget is everyone and every band, but we just took what we thought were the best seven songs at the time and laid them down. We were on a time frame and happy to be working with the passionate people we were with. We forced no song to be done in time for the studio. The band just let them work themselves out and arranged accordingly or how they saw fit down to the final take. This is after the many demo listens they stemmed from of course. All songs were recorded between Chicago and Michigan right outside Flint except, “Quiet Drum”, which Robinson finished up at home in Louisville with Ben Andrews.

“Trials” is a mature effort and the band hopes that people grasp on to that. Sticking to Nowhere’s moniker and what most artist do. These seven songs are honest melodies about facing none other than different trials and tribulations in life. Robinson states that, “this EP sums up the last few years. Words are important and some things are not so easy to put across. I always give my all in the songs, but these lyrics I gave blood over and they gave back”.