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OH SEE DEMONS – ‘Personal Issues’ Album Review

OH SEE DEMONS – Personal Issues

Norwegian punk rock band, Oh See Demons have released their debut album, Personal Issues on February 23rd. The eleven tracks begin with Don’t Forget Me, a melodic skate-punk powerhouse of a track propelled by a booming bass and chunky riffs. Sounding more like a band from the sun-drenched beaches of So-Cal rather than the west coast of Norway, Oh See Demons deliver some epic punk rock on I Think You Left Your Shoes with harmonious vocals overlaid onto some serious pace and power throughout!

Possibilities (In So-Called Space) maintains the momentum and introduces some off-kilter sections but is dominated with some tight as hell interplay between the instruments and vocals…wow! The four minutes of Mouth Breather continue to attack at pace whereas the three minutes of No Sleep, Again have a dirtier mid-paced riff.

On Glass Containers the “whooaaahhh oooh ooohhhs” of the backing vocals add a Sum 41/Blink 182 vibe to the sound whilst You Fall, I Follow cements the deal with a melodic skate-punk approach. The sheer wall of sound introduction of Wrong Direction sets up a clever song full of pace changes and twists and turns. Just Before You Go is a head-banging delight with monster beats and angular riffs and the penultimate track, All Eyes is a sub-two minute rampage.

Ending this very strong album with the epic riffs of Fake Smile, Oh See Demons wrap up the package brilliantly. This is excellent skate-punk well played, well written and well delivered throughout.

You can grab a copy of Personal Issues by Oh See Demons here: https://ohseedemons.bandcamp.com/