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OLD BONES BREAK EASY – ‘Greetings From Horseshoe Falls’ Review

OLD BONES BREAK EASY – Greetings From Horseshoe Falls

Old Bones Break EasyOld Bones Break Easy hails from Austin, TX. They release Greetings From Horseshoe Falls on July 13th and the fifteen-tracks of pop-skate-punk are refreshing, technical and full of energy.

The fast paced Seek Help Immediately contains some monster riffs, tempo changes with bass guitar licks and a strong vocal that adds to the energetic approach. On I’m Still Alive the guitars are fuzzy, the vocals melodic and the overall sound is bouncy, accessible and breezy like a fast-paced Weezer!

Old Bones Break Easy continue to mine the pop-punk seam with I’d Rather Not Say and follow up with the twenty-seven seconds of We’re Gonna Die Someday where the pace is upped and then thirty-three seconds of Tough Love gets even faster and much more hardcore and aggressive in tone. The onslaught of hook-laden songs continues with A Song You’ll Really Hate that we loved and Don’t Get Me Wrong steps on the accelerator again with some pace, power and pop-punk precision!

The title track, Greetings From Horseshoe Falls is a raucous rock and roller driven by guitar licks and melodic vocals with Ghost Limbs exploding into a skate punk rocker with pounding beats and intricate guitar work supporting a plaintive vocal. On You Can’t Lose Your Cool (If You Were Never Cool) the mid-paced beat supports a ballad like approach with prominent bass guitars and serrated guitars whereas Josie is a faster paced and more powerful NoFX style song.

Cut It Out/This Has Got To Stop opens slowly but soon lays down a driving guitar lick over a pacey rhythm section that explodes into an elongated introduction. The song moves forward with math-punk precision producing a compelling instrumental before launching into an excellent punk rocker. On Heart Attack, Old Bones Break Easy show their skate punk/pop punk chops with a rollicking rocker and this sets up the penultimate song, Inside Out where the mid-paced momentum support a melodic ballad.

The album closes with the four-minute plus, 11:11 where the band show us guitar licks, booming bass guitar, driving beats and harmonious vocals to produce a compelling and superbly satisfying ending to a strong skate-punk album!

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