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OLDFASHIONED IDEAS – ‘Still Worth Fighting For’ Album Review

OLDFASHIONED IDEAS – Still Worth Fighting For

Oldfashioned IdeasOldfashioned Ideas have shared the stage with the likes of The Exploited and the Toy Dolls and the Malmo, Sweden based punks have been at this since 2009. They have just released their latest album, Still Worth Fighting For,and it is full of raw UK82 style power with some additional twists.

Opening with the group vocal, terrace chant style Trouble Ahead, Oldfashioned Ideas lay down an Oi!/Street punk growler with gravel throated vocals, UK82 guitar riffs and a steady, pounding beat that had me polishing my Doc Martens and looking to shave the few hairs left on my head! OnLet Them Know, the band maintain the momentum with the serrated riffs with the vocals offering some nostalgic lyrics supplemented by female backing vocals and brass section and At The End Of The Day the group up the power and pace as they channel the Blitz adding some excellent female back vocals and horn section to build the melodies.

With No Go Down the introduction flatters to deceive from a slow start to launch into a pacey punk rocking protest song and Punches From Below has some elements of Cock Sparrer with a football chant chorus and strong guitar work. On Time Heals Nothing the pace is kicked upped significantly with some excellent drumming and a Motorhead vibe whilst I Know is a melodic street punk classic replete with singalong chorus and lyrics reflecting the working-class fighting spirit.

This Is The Time maintains the Oi! momentum with a song reminiscent of The Business and the 4-Skins and C’mon, C’mon channels the boot boy elements of Slade. The thirteen-song album continues with Head held High, a pummeling punk rocker with power and pace with Disregarded Bones continuing the momentum with some terrace chants adding some melody to the anti-war sentiments. The penultimate song, Silver Lining sees a brass section lick drive the song forward as the melodic approach juxtaposes with the lyrics focused on the struggle of life. The album concludes with Northbound and the band leave nothing behind as they deliver a massively fast punk rock track that we loved.

Oldfashioned Ideas combine Street punk with melody and have delivered one powerful album that you can get here:-





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